Classic Car Sales, Acquisitions and Export

Euro Car Connect 
Your personal consultant for purchasing a car, boat, or MC in USA


Euro Car Connect is your new option for import of cars and other goods from California. We are new to the industry, but have many years’ experience in purchasing and shipping of various goods, among them classic cars from the United States. 

Euro Car Connect, based in California, was established in December 2016 by Kristian Skarsfeldt. I have lived in California for several years and have more than 10 years of professional employment and experience in freight and logistics. Import of classic cars from California requires presence, knowledge, and insight, and we are able to meet those requirements. We can procure car makes and models on request and can ship classic cars simply and easily from sunny California home to you in Europe.

With a particular penchant for classics cars (e.g. Porsche, Volkswagen, and Ford) and years of experience with doing business from California, we are thoroughly familiar with the market and we have connections to the right sellers and mechanics. We want to give you the opportunity to buy your dream car through us without any worries at all.

The idea of Euro Car Connect was born a few years ago, when we stumbled upon a great opportunity to export and original 1968 Porsche 912 to Denmark. After shipping it out from Los Angeles, the car was ready for pick-up 30 days later in Nordhavn. This was an excellent investment for the owner, since the car is worth 4 times what it was in Danish market today.

Euro Car Connect collaborates with various auto mechanic garages specializing in renovation and sales of classic cars, both American and particularly European.  

Michael Hejlesen, a logistics and freight-forwarding executive brings more than 20 years of experience to Euro Car Connect in the areas of domestic trucking, supply chain management, ocean/air transports and project cargo, and shipping product development and management.
An area of niche expertise includes the handling and transport of classic cars and super cars. Some of his most interesting and complex transports have included a Bugatti, McLaren and a highly-customized Porsche from the U.S. to Europe and in the case of the Porsche, back to the U.S. after its customizations in Germany. 

Michael resides in the Southeastern U.S.  where the supply and conditions for unique cars, boats and other watercraft is ideal. It’s not rare for Michael to see supercars, classic cars and highly-customized cars on a regular basis. Luckily for Michael, his wife and daughter are equally passionate about cars, which they refer to as “toys” allowing him to easily combine his passion with his work.
Connect with Michael to learn more about how he can connect you to the toy, or toys, of your dreams.