Classic Car Sales, Acquisitions and Export


Complete overview from A to Z

Find the right car!

 We offer two options:

You find a car yourself on one of the many websites with classic cars, and from there we help with inspection, pictures, purchase, and shipping back to Europe.

The other option is for you to give us an idea of what you’re looking for, and we’ll find you the perfect car. Once you accept the car and the terms, we start the process and get the car shipped home to you.

Domestic Transport

US 300.00-1600.00

Once your car is purchased and we need it shipped from the purchaser to the closest shipping terminal, we put the car on a truck.

Regardless if the car is drivable to the nearest terminal, the price is calculated based on the distance from the seller to the nearest shipping terminal.

We ship cars out from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Miami (other cities are also an option).   

Ocean Freight  

US 1550.00-3400.00

 We use only the best shippers when shipping your car by ocean freight. Our partner has many years’ experience with shipping of cars, and he has a revolutionizing system, where your car is anchored and secured well, so nothing happens to your new car on the way.
After about 30 days on the water, your car will arrive at your choice of ocean port in Europe. Once you’ve completed paperwork with customs, you can pick up your car.

If the car is drivable, you can obviously drive it home on temporary plates. If it is not drivable, you will need to secure a trailer or something to get it transported home.

We release the original proof of registration “US Title”.



US 400.00-1200.00

 Once you have found the right car, we will personally go inspect the car for you and develop a detailed report with lots of pictures and a video conference during the inspection. The report will then be sent to you for review. Subsequently, there may be a follow-up phone call in case of any questions. 

To a great extent, the price for the inspection depends on the geographical location of the car. We work primarily in California, but we are happy to travel to other states in return for payment of the cost of travel.


There are two options here as well:

Once you have accepted the inspection and the report, you pay the seller directly and give Euro Car Connect permission to pick up the car on your behalf.

The other option is for you to transfer funds directly to Euro Car Connect, and we negotiate on your behalf and pay the seller directly.
You can choose the model with which you’re most comfortable.


US 150.00- 

Freight insurance
Taking out freight insurance is completely optional, but we recommend doing so. This insurance covers any damages that may occur during shipping and when packing/unpacking the car.

The cost is about 3 percent of the purchase price of the car.

Import – sales tax
After arrival in Europe, you need to pay duty and import tax, since we are dealing with a car imported from a non-EU country.

NOTE (Denmark only):
For cars more than 30 years old in original condition, there is no duty, but just a sales tax of 5%.
Handling Fee: Euro Car Connect charges a flat handling fee - please contact us for a full quote.